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Bunny + Giraffe Are Friends

So, I have a dear friend who lives in Utah and has two exquisite boys and I had a Christmas present for her, but I forgot it at home when I saw her over Christmas, and it only took me until, oh, March, to actually send it. But! It was because I decided to make a gift for the exquisite boys as well.

And here is what I made. A bunny and a giraffe. Both were Pinterest-inspired. I made the bunny first, and when I finished it Sam rather sheepishly but utterly sincerely asked, "Ummm, may I have the bunny?" How could I say no to that request? So the first bunny lives on his bedside table, and I made another. Both bunnies were made from a shirt Sam used to wear while we were dating, and this shirt, whenever he would wear it, would make me swoon. So I am glad the bunnies are wearing it now.

I am pleased with how the giraffe turned out, too. It's for a baby boy. I even bought a cheap (and exceedingly ugly) soft rattle toy and dissected it, stole its rattle, and used it for the gira…