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An Outfit

I rather like outfit posts, but I wonder if they make me feel too silly.  Should I feel silly, or is it just fun, or maybe silly in a good way?  Would you be interested in seeing more outfits?  Anyway, here's an outfit.
I've been having a super lot of fun getting dressed lately.  Losing, well, 60 pounds, helps in that department.  Shocking how much less I fret about what to put on without that extra weight, although I keep having to go through my closets and get rid of stuff.  I've given away enough clothes to clothe an army (and wouldn't they be a super cute army?!), and there are still days when I think, Gosh, I'm feeling so frumpy/lousy about myself, and I look down and realize that every item of clothing is too big.  That's a weird thing, to not have realized your clothes are too big, but you have these clothes, see, for example, a pair of pants that were always your skinny pants, the ones that fit you for a day or so if you held in your stomach all day, …