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Mexico 3: Sam Gets a Sailfish

Before we left for Mexico, we watched a few of those Planet Earth movies, and happened to see one that had a shot of hundreds of sailfish swimming through the water like kites.  Oh, they were pretty.  So although we were looking forward to fishing, we were reluctant to find one of those guys on the other end of the line.  I needn't have worried.  I didn't fish a bit, since about a half hour after I got on the boat I threw up my breakfast over the side, and pretty much stayed horizontal with my eyes closed for the rest of the day.  Seasickness was not a good time for me.  But I did manage to get some pictures, and Sam did catch a sailfish.  It was enormous (you'll see), so I think by the time he got him in the boat, after several near-escapes, Sam didn't care about the scene where they all looked like kites.  At least not when it came to this guy.  Kite, shmite.

                          [view from the boat.  it was right around here that i tossed my cookies, s…

Mexico 2: Dolphin Swim

[they jump. we grin.]
When we landed in Mexico, a woman on the plane told us about swimming with dolphins and I was instantly obsessed.  Granted, it also made me think of this New Yorker cartoon, wherein two dolphins are swimming around and one says to the other, "If I could do only one thing before I died, it would be to swim with a middle-aged couple from Connecticut."   I find that endlessly amusing, and thus felt a little silly about wanting to have a swim, but, seriously, look at them.  And look at those enormous smiles on our faces.  We'll be the couple from New England any day if we get to hang out with these guys.

[we pet a dolphin belly.  i think this one's name was habana, since she was cuban. (they spelled it with a b, yes.]
This was one of those things that was exactly as cool and exhilirating as I dreamed it would be. Okay, it was probably cooler. I have to say that at first I was frightened. We weren't in the open ocean, we were in a salt water pool, b…

Mexico 1: Creatures

[the pools and view from the condo.  zihuatenejo, mexico.] Sam and I went to Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a week at the beginning of October, just after we moved.  We visited his parents, who rented a condo down there for six months, and are generous souls.  They treated us well.  It was a whirlwind of swimming in the pool, reading books in lounge chairs, eating fresh-fresh seafood, fishing, eating more fresh-fresh seafood, swimming with dolphins, drinking limonada, nursing sunburns, practicing my (meager) Spanish skills, and taking very long naps.  Can strenous relaxation even be considered a whirlwind?  Anyway, it was grand.

[i love this one.  gosh it was gorgeous there.] I'll cover other material in a few more posts (swimming with dolphins!  fishing (and seasickness)! glamorous book reading by the pool and sea!) but I must first tell you about La-La the porcupine, whom we met at a animal rescue type place called El Refugio de Potosi.  We have a niece named Lala (Alana), which is perhap…

New Glasses

One morning I went out into the living room and near the table I stood very still and gasped.  There was an enormous bug on the inside bridge of my nose.  I reached up before I could think too hard, plucked it off, and threw it violently to the ground. 

Then I realized it wasn't a bug.  It was the nosepad to my glasses. 

I got down on my hands and knees and searched for it, but it wasn't to be found.

Later, standing in the only eyeglass store that was willing to help me that day, I tried on these glasses.  By the time I realized the techs in back could fix my previous ones, I was already smitten with these.  What could I do?  I was in a swank glasses shop in Cambridge, a man with artfully disheveled hair was telling me how cool they looked, and I was simply putty in his salesman hands.  

Baby Quilt

My friend Em and I made this quilt for a girl at church and her wee babe. 

Please note: Emily did the ENTIRE quilt in LESS time than it took me to make the meager little flowers.  (sigh.)

(It was a strange shower, since she had also received some sort of clothes hamper that looked a lot like a rubbish bin, and every gift she opened went straight into that to keep them all together, I suppose. So our quilt and all the pretty pink outfits? Seemed to go straight in the trash ... Oh well.)

Tadzio in Reds

I've been playing with my editing software.  I'm certain I'm an amateur, but I'm having a lovely time. 

So is T.  Can't you tell?

A Rare Harmony

We caught the kitties existing harmoniously on our bed. This was before we moved. Now they can all find separate corners, and they certainly take advantage of the space.

                                                                 [tadzio the great.]
                                                                      [meatsock the brave.]
[sprout the queenly.]

Whale Watching, Four Months Late

Last, ummmm, July, we went whale watching with our friends Kenneth and Emily.We hang out with those folks quite a bit.They’re the kind of couple-friends that, when we drop them off or they drop us off, we sit in the car talking, not quite finished hanging out.We think they’re pretty cool. 

(As this is four months late, it's light on words, heavy on pictures.)
                                                          [dockyard north of boston]                                               

                                                                         [the us.]
[a whale.  really.  i promise.] [the them.] [a sailboat.  can you even imagine if that was your boat and on saturdays you went out and whale watched in it?] [sam and i can sort of imagine.  we've been doing it ever since.  trouble is, we can't agree on a name for the boat. sam suggests vlad dracul. [handsome fellow.]                                                                             [his whale watching e…