Sam Reads to Kitty

Due to moving, health trouble, and a picky computer, it's been over a month since I posted.  Which is a real shame since I have a lot to say, and a lot of pictures.

I finally figured out how to get those pictures onto a computer that doesn't take an hour to upload, so I'm going to try to post some of them.  (Incidentally, how do you folks handle your pictures?  How do you organize them; what program do you use to edit and keep them, etc?  Do tell.  I'm sooo annoyed with Picasa and with everything else I've been trying.)

I might as well begin with the most recent pictures, which I took last night.  Here's Sam reading a book to Ms. Sprouty the Cat.  She had come up for her nightly snuggle, and seemed to be quite interested in his book, so he pulled her up close and read her Coetzee in his best reading voice.  His reading voice is pretty good.  Is it weird that it made me look forward to him reading to our someday-children?


Ms. Sprouty has quite a belly on her! (Luckily, fatness is a status symbol for cats.)

She's adorable! Did she like the book?
Deja said…
Sprout's belly is nothing next to our other cats. She's dainty, compartively.

And yes, I think she quite liked the book. She actually stayed for a surprisingly long time.
Amara said…
That is surprising. She must have liked it. Cats never do anything they don't want to do.

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