Mexico 1: Creatures

[the pools and view from the condo.  zihuatenejo, mexico.]
Sam and I went to Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a week at the beginning of October, just after we moved.  We visited his parents, who rented a condo down there for six months, and are generous souls.  They treated us well.  It was a whirlwind of swimming in the pool, reading books in lounge chairs, eating fresh-fresh seafood, fishing, eating more fresh-fresh seafood, swimming with dolphins, drinking limonada, nursing sunburns, practicing my (meager) Spanish skills, and taking very long naps.  Can strenous relaxation even be considered a whirlwind?  Anyway, it was grand.

[i love this one.  gosh it was gorgeous there.]
I'll cover other material in a few more posts (swimming with dolphins!  fishing (and seasickness)! glamorous book reading by the pool and sea!) but I must first tell you about La-La the porcupine, whom we met at a animal rescue type place called El Refugio de Potosi.  We have a niece named Lala (Alana), which is perhaps why I was instantly smitten with this little lady.  And Sam was a sucker for her, too.  The feeling appeared to be mutual when Lala responded to his attention by immediately commencing her climb up into his arms.  He didn't mind. 

                                                                     [they say hello.]
                                                                 [she decides he's her friend.]
                   [they bond. they snuggle. i have to say that when sam talks to animals, even to his cat, my heart melts.  he has a way of giving them absolute credit as intelligent life forms, and carrying on surprisingly sophistocated conversations wtih them.  it's something to behold.]

                                                                   [she kinda liked me, too.]
                               [we did a lot of really cool stuff, but darned if La-La wasn't a clear highlight.]

                                    [a few more pictures from potosi.  here sam's dad converses with a bird.]

                                                      [here the birds converse with each other.]

                     [and here sam walks with his pretty mama into the wilds of mexico.  we left not long after this. turns out the wilds are sticky, very very hot, and full of bugs that were feasting on our legs.]


Genevieve Beck said…
I'm excited to hear more about this trip--especially the dolphins! It looks beautiful and you look amazing!
Amara said…
You do --you look a lot like Mom when she was first married. I'm so jealous.
belann said…
Okay, you've convinced me. We've gotta visit there someday.

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