Spider Fight Continues

I'm sorry to be so unposty lately. I hope to be back to my usual self before too long.

In the meantime, I have a couple of requests.

This thing with my job has taken an interesting turn, one that is calling for my being a bit more careful. I hope you can help.

Request 1: If you have a link to my blog on your blog (or anywhere), will you make sure that it doesn't list my last name? I'm particularly worried about my married name, as this is what I go by at work. If you could just keep me as Deja, that would be excellent.

Request 2: I hate to do it, because it makes me kind of sad when other people do it, but I need to go private for awhile. Please, PLEASE, leave me a comment if you'd like to still read. Sometimes when people go private I'm too sheepish to ask to be added. Please don't be sheepish. Leave your email address here or shoot me an email as soon as you can. I want to get this privatized in the next few days.

Thanks for your help. Maybe when I'm private I'll feel safe explaining a bit more.


k. double-u. said…
Ditto to the comment I made on your other blog. No sheepishness here.
eden said…
i hope all is well - or will soon be well.

please, please, please allow me access. (: andersonneddie@gmail.com

also, i have you listed as "deja & sam" is that okay? or would you just like it to be deja. or i can come up with a code name for you. i'm cool with that.

just let me know.
eden said…
ps - remember the two "n"s in the middle. not andersonEddie, but andersonNeddie (i tried eddie first, but it was already taken)
Tia and Amara said…
OK, once again add me. I want to read.
Brad and Erica said…
Please let me keep reading too, Deja! beholland@gmail.com
Elise said…
I love you. Please add me to your list of dedicated readers.
Deja said…
Eddie: Sam and Deja is fine. I just want to avoid last names.
Genevieve Beck said…
Definitely keep me! genevievebeck@gmail.com
Good luck with everything.
Annie said…
Add me to your list, please: annephillips711@yahoo.com.
Lynn said…
Please add me. I look at your blog every day because I love to keep up with you and your life. I don't have a blog so don't share your name etc. Love you, Aunt Lynn
Mike and Emily said…
Pick me, pick me! You have my email address, I presume! Love to you. I hope the fight is going well!
Jamie said…
I'd like to still read! jamsau38@gmail.com

...I don't even think I know your married name. I'm lame.
Stephanie said…
I want to be included and I'll be sure to take your last name off of my list. Good luck with work.

Veganmothering said…
I hope I'm cool enough to get on the list. I love keeping tabs on all the goings on in Deja-world!

nice thing about going private is that even if someone has your name listed, the person can't access it without your permission.... good luck with everything, and I'm a fan of private blogs.
Parker said…
Pretty Deja,

I hope that things get better soon. I would love to read your blog and get to know you better.

love and hugs,


Kira said…
don't forget your sissy.
Clayton Jensen said…
I would love to be included!!
Julie Bree said…
Add me too: julieful@gmail.com
Emily said…
me too. look at all your fans!
Rachel said…
Add me! qofvenar_roche@hotmail.com
Terry Earley said…
I have to be included.
I want in too!
Stacy said…
I still want to read! Etherealocean@gmail.com.
I hope that having a private blog means you will feel free to post snarky things, in the event that someone deserves to be snarked. Even if not, I would still like to read it.


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