Gratitude: Page 3

This pictures seems to capture so many things that are lovely to me. (Did I post it already?)

Open windows. A sunny day. Green green leaves. Gauzy pretty curtains. Framed postcards from Europe trip. Decorative object from Portabello Road. Handsome, contemplative, tail-less kitty. Our first apartment in Boston.


eden said…
i just skimmed through all the posts with the label "sam." i like those posts. they're special.

thanks for sharing your life.

ps - each time i leave a comment on your blog, i'm worried about my grammar. obviously, since i write everything in lowercase i'm not *too* worried, but still. it always crosses my mind that you might be making corrections in your head.

not that i think you really are.

are you?


back to the beginning - i really like your posts about your marriage.
Deja said…
No way, Eddie! Please don't worry. I don't have that sort of Englishy brain. I honestly can't remember ever noticing anything amiss. I absolutely don't care. I'm just excited for comments.
eden said…
good to no. (:

kidding! kidding. (: (: (:
belann said…
That is a nice kitty. I am thankful he is such a nice kitty for you.
Genevieve Beck said…
I like how life seems beautiful again just focusing on the positive. I like how a giant jellyfish is a positive.
Tia and Amara said…
summer leaves can help me be happy even with nothing else.

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