Welcome to Privateland

(sigh of relief)

I have no big secret announcements. I'm just glad for a little space where I don't have to be quite as careful.

I'm probably leaving my job at the semester. Very long story, vague pieces of which you've heard.

Leaving at the semester will be the happy ending to said long story. Sam and I look forward to packing up my books and bringing them home, to safer pastures. I plan on rolling down the car windows and giggling maniacally.

Now I just need to find another way to bring in money. Maybe I'll knit toilet paper hats like my grandma used to make and sell them on etsy. Sort of like this:

(source here)

Hmmmm... Not a bad idea.


eden said…
well i hope all works out as it should. and the giggling maniacally sounds good. maybe you should video tape it. (:
k. double-u. said…
I'm proud of you. Making a big change can be scary, even when it's the best option.
I'll take two please :)
Veganmothering said…
So no more teaching? At all?

That is the age old question for most of us: how to make money without doing something we absolutely hate. OR more optimistically put, how to make money and not comprise your values. OR how do you make money by doing something you love? All dilemmas we face.

Being an adult is hard.
Kira said…
Hi sissy. You know I never got one of them hats. I don't think Grandma thought I deserved one until I got married. When I did she didn't make them anymore. It kinda makes me sad. I am glad you are reviving the art :) Maybe for our Christmas? Sage and yellow please :)
Mike and Emily said…
Will you folks be staying in Boston land or moving to some other world? Remember that Smarthinking offers a whopping $12 an hour for PhDs....it's really been motivating me to get another degree. Love you. Hope you are happy.
so where will home be??

sorry you have to deal with crap. you deserve better.
belann said…
But they are crocheted. You will have to learn how. Therapeutic, if you will.
Stacy said…
Can I also have access to your other blog?
Veganmothering said…
Can I have access to your other blog, too? Thanks.
Tia and Amara said…
I should have saved that hat. Dang.

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