Well, Ummmm

After all that thinking last night, I got called for an interview at that big fancy publishing job downtown. This was just hours after I told the chair I wouldn't be back next semester.

Who knows if I'll even get the job, but that story doesn't really sound so bad. Working around the corner from Boston Commons? Come on now ...

Also, I got a poem accepted for publication.

Today is okay by me.


Mike and Emily said…
Let us know how it goes...and poem please!!!!
Genevieve Beck said…
So this is my comment on the last four posts (I'm probably going to have to check your blog more often than my weekly private blog check). I guess the one thing we know about life is that it's good to have a plan and more often than not, there's a bigger, better plan out there for us. I loved your list of what you want--it seemed very much you. Somewhere a window will open up for you guys.
I definitely get the job and baby dilemma. I'm currently going between looking at our Quicken accounts and thinking a part-time job would be such a blessing for us and then looking at Timothy and bursting into tears at the thought of leaving for a few hours.
That's awesome about the poem and I hope the right opportunity comes along--it looks like things are off to a good start.
Religious discrimination really rubs me the wrong way.
belann said…
I'm praying for a long season of just plain happiness for you two.
Sam Ruddick said…
job, shmob. the poem's the thing that matters. your poems will be here a couple hundred years longer than bedford st. marty's, i'd say.
Tia and Amara said…
Where will it be published? I want to see. You're so brave to write. You can't help sharing big parts of yourself that would be scary to share. Good for you.

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