A Bit More Info

Sorry for all the vagueness.

Here's the deal: The job-jerks are almost certainly not reappointing me. There's some strong evidence that this due to religious descrimination, so we're looking into fighting along those lines. (Read: possible lawsuit.) I have no idea what will happen with that or if I'll even carry it through, but for the moment, it's totally unbearable for me to go to work. I try and try, and I love my students so that makes it easier, but I'm not sleeping well and I'm constantly nauseous and I'm afraid to go the faculty lunchroom, etc. It's ugly.

So I've pretty much decided to leave the job in December when the semster ends. Sam and I are both applying for jobs. I'm applying for immediate positions in the area, and Sam's applying for tenure-track stuff all over the country. (I might apply for tenure-track stuff too, whenever I stop dry heaving at the thought of it.) We have no idea where we'll be or what we'll do next, but we'll probably be in Boston until at least next summer sometime.

In one version of the story, we move out further from the city but stay in the area, work adjunct, live on less, get on the groovy MA state health insurance, and write our little hearts out. In that case, the cats get to go outside and catch birds. They dig that part.

Anyway, who knows? The next adventure should be grand. It feels like anything will be better than this dump.


eden said…
sounds awful.

i'm so sorry!

i hope you both find something that is perfect.
belann said…
It will be better to leave.

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