Gratitude: Page 2

I heard yesterday that there are jellyfish larger than blue whales.

Let me say that again.

There are jellyfish larger than blue whales.

I don't know why this delights me so. Driving home from church, hearing it on the radio, I had this feeling like God is really something. How does he come up with this stuff? He makes me, this little human thing that drives a red car and thinks what she has for dinner is important, and He also makes this enormous blobby, beautiful creature that's bigger than I can fathom and lives deep deep in the ocean. So deep I'll never see it. So big that if I did see it, I'd only be seeing one piece of it.

Walking around on campus, I think of the jellyfish's long, ribbony tail. And I am happy.


belann said…
Did anyone get a picture of the jellyfish? I'd like to see him.
Tia and Amara said…
These big jellyfish, (if they are the ones I'm thinking of)can be up to a mile across, and no one is absolutely sure if they are 1 being, or acommunity of really symbiotic beings. In a way that's even more beautiful --to think of a zion of jellyfish.

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