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Is there a more perfect food?

If avocados did not exist, eating healthy would be no where near as interesting or tasty.

They're outrageously expensive here ($2+!!), but I buy them anyway, because when I eat a good one, a perfect one, one with no spots, one that's just the right amount of firm and soft, it feels like God invented them because He loves me, personally.


eden said…
amen, amen, amen. i'm in love with avocados. sadly, it wasn't until my mission that i appreciated them - before that i thought they were gross.

i want to go back there to eat more avocados. they're bigger there. (:
Tia and Amara said…
just had some in one of mom's salads last night and remembered why I love them. I've been avoiding them lately and it was a stupid stupid thing to do. Just reallize my blog wasn't updating with your posts --needed a new thing with the private stuff, so I'm going to backread everything now. I'll comment. Love you.
Lynn said…
love them. I don't understand people who do not like them. What's not to like? have you tried avocado mayonaise? soo good and easy to make
belann said…
Avocados are kind of a comfort food for our family, I think.
Tara said…
I too am in love with avocados. I would eat them daily if I could afford it... Oh, yum.
k. double-u. said…
I made this salad with avocados yesterday and it was AMAZING.

I didn't have pumpkin seeds or feta cheese on hand, but the salad turned out great just the same. It might be worth trying out, especially as it only calls for one expensive avocado.

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