Whale Watching, Four Months Late

Last, ummmm, July, we went whale watching with our friends Kenneth and Emily.  We hang out with those folks quite a bit.  They’re the kind of couple-friends that, when we drop them off or they drop us off, we sit in the car talking, not quite finished hanging out.  We think they’re pretty cool. 

(As this is four months late, it's light on words, heavy on pictures.)
                                                          [dockyard north of boston]                                               

                                                                         [the us.]
[a whale.  really.  i promise.]
[the them.]
[a sailboat.  can you even imagine if that was your boat and on saturdays you went out and whale watched in it?]
[sam and i can sort of imagine.  we've been doing it ever since.  trouble is, we can't agree on a name for the boat. sam suggests vlad dracul.
[handsome fellow.]
                                                                            [his whale watching eyes.]


Hooray for whale watching! We like you guys too :)
Spencer G said…
I love the whale watching and second Sam's suggestion. Perfect!
Amara said…
I've always wanted a sailboat, until I got married to Jeff, and he suggested we rent one and sail it to Hawaii. Ever since then I've been too scared to have one. I didn't really want to SAIL in it in the OCEAN. Just, you know, cruise around and be classy in it. He didn't get that.
Annie said…
I think Vlad Dracul is the perfect sailboat name.

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