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Twin Quilts

My friend at church is pregnant with twins, after a long hard fight with infertility, and her shower last weekend was one of the purest, loveliest, most joyful events ever, and I felt it was only right to make the babies quilts. And now I will load this post up with many photos of them and say very little else, besides the twins are a boy and a girl, and that I can't think of a more deserving and happy new mama. I wish her much joy, and and as much sleep as humanly and babyly possible.

New Glasses

We had leftover flex-spending money, so we got eye exams and glasses. Sam was skeptical until the man told him these glasses made him look like he was "driving down the autobahn," which he does. He's long been against the dark frames, but it was time to join the nerdy-chic crowd, which, as Sam points out, is no longer really nerdy-chic, just plain chic. It took him a few months to truly be converted to these glasses, but I think he's converted now.

In the last year or so, Sam has shifted his style to a darker (and slightly more fitted) wash of jeans, button-up (and usually untucked) dress shirts, brown boots that are so lovely they make me silly, lovely blazers that used to be his father's, and these glasses. Listen friends, he used to wear very light (and rather baggy) jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirts. And folks, I would have loved him forever and ever in those clothes, cross my heart. But I can't help but feel rather proud at this development. I mean, is th…