Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stripey Crochet Blanket

It didn't take me long, once I got put on bed rest, to realize I needed to learn to crochet. Or do something (anything!) with my hands, but crochet seemed the easiest. My friend Russanne came over one afternoon to show me the ropes (or the yarns? okay, that was a really funny joke, to me.), and I proceeded to fail miserably, over and over. I'd try to make a square shape, and somehow end up with a triangle?! Or I'd try to  make a circle and end up with a weird little mushroom shape? It was discouraging, is what it was. But I kept trying, undoing what I'd done and asking google what the heck was going on, and starting over.

And soon a big box of yarn I ordered arrived, and I proceeded to make this wee blanket for the baby girl. Okay, actually, first I failed again. I got a good way into a blanket and then realized it was so tight that it was more like a ... what? A scrubber pad or something. It was bad. So I pouted for a day, and then started over. And though, honestly, this one is a pretty pathetic attempt too (it's shape is very much less than rectangular, trust me ...), I'm happy with it. When I finished the regular stitches, I even figured out how to make this scallopy edge with a little help from youtube. I was proud of myself for that. I hate learning things from youtube, for some reason. But I watched and rewatched and rewatched until hey! I was doing it! And I did it! And now it's all done.

Before I was finished, the cats commandeered it, as they tend to do.

I added the monster in, since it amused me. I like how Meatsock matched the monster face.

All finished, scallopy border and all.

Sprouty inspects.

A close-up of the scallopy edge.