Speaking of Teaching

This morning, while trying to grade papers, I asked Sam, "What am I supposed to do with a paper on cheerleading?"

"Hmmm," he said. He was really thinking about it. "It's too bad we don't have a paper shredder because if we did you could shred it up and make two little pompoms and shake them."

This made me giggle uncontrollably for several minutes. Lately everything he says makes me giggle.

And it's a good thing someone is here making me happy, because my job is terrrrrible again. Not the students. I love the students. The teaching is fine.

But, to be vague, there's a bad guy in the department who is out to get me.

There are channels for me to fight back, which I'm doing. But the chair is his best buddy friend, so I'm probably out of luck. They'll make me miserable.

And I am miserable. Sad, and disappointed, and angry. It's different this year because I know they're wrong and I'm healthy enough to deal with it, but oh it's a bummer. A serious bummer.


you're in my prayers! "The truth will set you free" :)
belann said…
I truly believe it will all turn out for the best. They can't hold you down for long.
Kira said…
That was really funny. Funny husbands rock. Lee the other day was telling me about when he was 10 and his Mom was gone on Halloween so he found his sisters old Clown costume so he went as a clown....he figured he didn't need a wig or big shoes :)
P.S. Kick the crazy guy in the tenders :)
Mike and Emily said…
Lame!!! although i like the pom-pom idea...
Stephanie said…
That is so frustrating! I loved my last job but my superiors made my job pretty miserable...it can definitely make life not so fun.
Tia and Amara said…
I laughed out loud at the pompom idea. Still makes me giggle. Why why why can't people just do their jobs and be left alone??! It seems like the supervisor is always the worst part of a job.
k. double-u. said…
Oh no! I'm sorry that a bad guy is out to get you. I'll cheer you on with pom poms from over this way (I'm sure I've got a cheerleading paper around here somewhere).

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