Well, Wow.

After three full days of outrageous, pummeling, constant rain, the sun is out today. It's nearly 60 degrees, which feels nothing short of a miracle.

So after eating my lunch, I decided to walk down to Copley square to drop off some film. I listened to my iPod, watched all of the people taking pictures and eating their lunches and wearing pretty shoes, and felt so happy I thought I'd burst. I was literally just grinning (as in last post) like a fool, giggling occasionally for no reason at all except that life, at the moment, is good.

Reasons to rejoice:

a. Sam's parents are in town, and they're just lovely people. They take us to dinner and tell me stories about Sam as a wee boy.

b. After over a month of searching, I am the swooning owner of a new work bag. See below. I got it on etsy, and probably paid too much, but what else can one do when they see it and gasp and know deep in their heart that they are beholding the bag of their soul? See the pretty insides? Sometimes, as I walk, I slip my hand in the bag and touch the lining, and feel happy knowing it is beautiful.

c. We're looking to buy. Like, a house. Or condo. Or something. I've been sneaking glances at real estate sites all day, dreaming of a new life in rooms with taupe walls.

d. I'm drinking mint tea.


Mike and Emily said…
Nice bag pick, brainy! It's lovely! Nay, dazzling! I'm so happy you're enjoying your life and that it is sunny. Today it is sunny here too and it made me smile a little wider. I introduced Jude to grass, and he was a fan. Love you you!
Annie said…
That bag is like a gift from deity! I love the color so much and the interior is beautiful. I love things that have hidden beauties. You have good reason to smile!
Tia and Amara said…
It reminds me of Mma Makutsi and her shoes with the beautiful sky blue linings. I've got a jacket with a sheer silk leopard print lining that I love for the beauty that is just for me to enjoy. Yay for sun. I'm getting out into my garden today no matter what!
Spencer G said…
Love the bag. Love mint tea. Absolutely do I love it.
Sam Ruddick said…
i'm just glad you're smiling a lot. we should meet for lunch next week. i'll bring my own. i just want an excuse to hang around with you at copley square.
Meeshab said…
I wanna come to lunch too. We will eat, hmmmmmm, vegetables. I love the bag. It does make me happy to have a hidden special lining like that. I have a red coat (purchased with you) and I love the silky contrasting lining.
k. double-u. said…
Happy, happy. And I'm sure you didn't pay too much. I've recently decided that anything is a bargain if you get what you hoped for out of it.
belann said…
The bag is a delight. Some day I will ditch the practical black for something I truly love. Maybe.

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