Early Spring Commute in Pictures

[looking up, right outside the front door]

It's not truly early spring anymore, but bear with me. I took my camera to work one day, and snapped pictures all along the way. Here's what it looks like to walk to the train in early spring. It's a beautiful world, no?

[walking down washington]

[blossoms, up close]

[a house i'm obsessed with + tree i'm obsessed with]

[Cleveland Circle]

[train stop]

[train a-comin']



[once there, i play with very fat books]


eden said…
very beautiful! i just barely posted spring photos myself! (:
Tia and Amara said…
Look at all that latticework on that house! Now I want to see the rest of it. Beautiful. I want to live by you.
belann said…
Almost like being there. Thank you. Hope I get to come again someday.
Spencer G said…
Love the pictures. Makes me want to come to Boston even more... and I already want to quite an awful lot.
Anonymous said…
I wish I lived in Boston. That red-haired commuter looks just like Cynthia Nixon, from Sex and the City, from the back.
Lee said…
Lovely, lovely. If Jet Blue had any 10 buck tickets there yesterday Keaton, the little gal and I woulda been there :)

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