A snippet of conversation from our anniversary dinner out at Oleana: (Which, if you ever find yourself in Cambridge, MA in need of a meal, holy mother of deliciousness; that place is good.  Maybe my favorite meal in Mass, yet.  They were not, however, exceptionally speedy.)

Deja: Is this not taking just a wee bit long?

Sam: Yep. My theory is this: they're killing the duck by sleep deprivation.

Somehow, that killed me.  Oh, that still kills me.  Sleep deprivation.  Let us be together for a million more years, and let me always remember that: sleep deprivation. 

We have fun, Sam and I.  It's been a rocky two years in some categories of our lives, but we have a real good time.  And since we had already exchanged gifts the Saturday before (we couldn't wait!), Sam set up a sort of card scavenger hunt for Tuesday morning.  He handed me a card, which was sweet and silly and funny, and then it pointed me to a particular spot on the bookshelf where there was another, which pointed me to another spot on the bookshelf, and another, and another.  And by the time I got to the last card, I was in tears, full-blown tears, and also in love.  Gosh, I love that guy. 


belann said…
How wonderful to hear about your happiness. Love that Sam.
Annie said…
I'm so glad you are happy! Sam sounds like a top-rate guy!
Tia and Amara said…
Jeez. How does he think of these things off the top of his head? You've got to be brilliant to be that funny.

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