A Pretty Lunch

I thought I'd share how I eat now: a lottttt of veggies and a bit of protein is basically the plan.  This is how I lost 50 pounds, and counting.  It's also really simple eating: easy on the processed foods, no real fancy recipes, everything as close to it's original state as possible. Oh, I love my food.

I made this on Tuesday, when it was snowing out and I was wanting something that was wintery and yummy. I think the colors are beautiful.  And it tasted exactly as I hoped it would.  Love it when it that happens.

Here's what went in the big wooden bowl:

*cooked beets
*sauted spinach and sweet onions
*goat cheese
*drizzled with Temecula Olive Oil Company's Citrus Reserve Olive Oil (sweet mother of pearl, that stuff is good.  my sister lives near temecula and introduced me. my bottle is almost gone and i've only had it a week. whoops!)


eden said…
looks (and sounds) like it would be wonderful.

have you read 'eat to live'? it's a great book, and talks about why we should eat the way you're eating. (:
Amara said…
That really really looks good. I think i need some lentils today. So I guess lentils will work for protein then? Awesome!
belann said…
Sounds yummy. Sorry we didn't get to that Olive Oil place...

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