Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thrifted Autumn Outfit

Do I wear a lot of this orange sweater in outfit posts? Possibly yes. I think this might be because I'm not your typical orange wearer, so when I wear orange I think, "Heyyyy, I'm wearing an OUTFIT." Does that make sense?

Anyway, I thrifted this dress sometime back. It went like this: it was a half-off sale, and it was a frenzy in Savers. I mean, people were excited. People were filling cartfulls upon cartfulls. And I filled my cart with shockingly (and I mean shockingly) lovely dress shirts for Sam that came out to $2.50 a piece, and that was filling my heart (and cart--ha!) with joy. And then I thought, hey, shall we check out the dresses? And this was my strategy: if I love the fabric, it goes in the cart. My sewing skillz extend to cutting off the bottom and making a skirt out of it. And this one, oh, isn't that a nice fabric? Look. Up close. See how it looks like a psychedlic wonderland? It does to me anyway.

Someone homemade this dress. And it was barely worn. And I imagine they thought it was a sewing fail. Because without the sweater and belt it is ... not so good. But when I got home and washed it and tried it on again to cut off the bottom for the skirt action, I thought, now wait just a minute. And then I put on the belt and sweater and boots and showed it to Sam and said, "Esta bien?" because that's always what I say when I want Sam to say I am beautiful beyond compare. He usually just says, "Yes, esta bien." But at least we're all learning Spanish, right? I mean, if nothing else, I'm teaching him that.  

[[P.S. Isn't my look priceless here? Really, how do people not look like idiots when they pose in outfits? I can only ask Sam to take so many pictures before he's done and I'm done and it's time for breakfast, you know? And at first I cropped this one, and cut my head off, because that's the offensive portion here, but headless wasn't so good either, and I thought, whatever. You get to see my awkward face. Hello, awkward face.]]

[[Obligatory cat picture. Obligatory because he's my cat. And because he was posing like this when I was posing as you see above, and I like his better. I should have tried this perhaps ... I think he looks like Adam in Michaelangelo's The Creation of Adam. This is what we pay him to do.]]

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apple Picking, Yellow Leaves, Little Brown Bear

When I wear this hat, I somehow feel like a little brown bear. It changes my personality, makes me milder. (I guess I'm thinking teddy bear, not actual bear.) Is it silly? I don't even care if it's silly. It pleases me. I once got a compliment on this hat, shouted out at me by a hipster Harvard student. "Excellent hat!" he said, as I crossed the street, headed for the giant Anthropologie. That was a pretty good moment.

As was apple picking last weekend. Simple little orchard about an hour away from our house. And the day was just right for it--a bit crisp. And the yellow of these trees is just what I love about a New England fall. We came home with two enormous bags full, and we're making steady progress. Apples with every meal! Baked apples! Crisped apples! Apples! Apples! Apples!   

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Promotional Device

Sometime earlier this year, I got an email from Tyler Chadwick, who asked if he could include several of my poems in Fire in the Pasture: Twenty-first Century Mormon Poets, to which I said, um, yes yes you may. The book is out now, and I just got my contributor's copy this week, and I have to say that it's beautiful.  I don't mean that my poems are beautiful, I mean the book itself, as an object, is gorgeous.  If you're so inclined to see what's going on in contemporary Mormon poetry (and how could you not be?! ;), I recommend this book. 

On a related note, if you're more interested in seeing what Mormon fiction is up to (and again, how could you not be?! I hope it's clear I'm kidding ...mostly), Dispensation: Latter-day Fiction was a great read. 

In all seriousness, I can say that Mormon Literature goes well beyond Jack Weyland.  There's some really good stuff out there.  If you're interested in recommendations, shoot me an email.