Thrifted Autumn Outfit

Do I wear a lot of this orange sweater in outfit posts? Possibly yes. I think this might be because I'm not your typical orange wearer, so when I wear orange I think, "Heyyyy, I'm wearing an OUTFIT." Does that make sense?

Anyway, I thrifted this dress sometime back. It went like this: it was a half-off sale, and it was a frenzy in Savers. I mean, people were excited. People were filling cartfulls upon cartfulls. And I filled my cart with shockingly (and I mean shockingly) lovely dress shirts for Sam that came out to $2.50 a piece, and that was filling my heart (and cart--ha!) with joy. And then I thought, hey, shall we check out the dresses? And this was my strategy: if I love the fabric, it goes in the cart. My sewing skillz extend to cutting off the bottom and making a skirt out of it. And this one, oh, isn't that a nice fabric? Look. Up close. See how it looks like a psychedlic wonderland? It does to me anyway.

Someone homemade this dress. And it was barely worn. And I imagine they thought it was a sewing fail. Because without the sweater and belt it is ... not so good. But when I got home and washed it and tried it on again to cut off the bottom for the skirt action, I thought, now wait just a minute. And then I put on the belt and sweater and boots and showed it to Sam and said, "Esta bien?" because that's always what I say when I want Sam to say I am beautiful beyond compare. He usually just says, "Yes, esta bien." But at least we're all learning Spanish, right? I mean, if nothing else, I'm teaching him that.  

[[P.S. Isn't my look priceless here? Really, how do people not look like idiots when they pose in outfits? I can only ask Sam to take so many pictures before he's done and I'm done and it's time for breakfast, you know? And at first I cropped this one, and cut my head off, because that's the offensive portion here, but headless wasn't so good either, and I thought, whatever. You get to see my awkward face. Hello, awkward face.]]

[[Obligatory cat picture. Obligatory because he's my cat. And because he was posing like this when I was posing as you see above, and I like his better. I should have tried this perhaps ... I think he looks like Adam in Michaelangelo's The Creation of Adam. This is what we pay him to do.]]


Giuli said…
You look gorgeous dahling!!! It reminds me of how much I liked to go thrift store shopping before I got large. There are not so many cute clothes for large women in the thrift store. (That don't have rubbed crotch and polyester) One time at AmVets I found a pair of pants that I loved for their psychedelic sixties pattern. It wasn't until I got to school that someone notices the yellow designs amongst the torquoise were KANGAROOS! How awesome!
ginger said…
Awesome...and the Adam cat...too good.
belann said…
Very, very nice. You really know how to look classy. Even the tired pose, still classy.
Bryson and Tara said…
SO cute! I can just not pull off the belt look...wish I could!
Amara said…
I love that fabric! and yeah ---Adam.

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