Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bunny + Giraffe Are Friends

So, I have a dear friend who lives in Utah and has two exquisite boys and I had a Christmas present for her, but I forgot it at home when I saw her over Christmas, and it only took me until, oh, March, to actually send it. But! It was because I decided to make a gift for the exquisite boys as well.

And here is what I made. A bunny and a giraffe. Both were Pinterest-inspired. I made the bunny first, and when I finished it Sam rather sheepishly but utterly sincerely asked, "Ummm, may I have the bunny?" How could I say no to that request? So the first bunny lives on his bedside table, and I made another. Both bunnies were made from a shirt Sam used to wear while we were dating, and this shirt, whenever he would wear it, would make me swoon. So I am glad the bunnies are wearing it now.

I am pleased with how the giraffe turned out, too. It's for a baby boy. I even bought a cheap (and exceedingly ugly) soft rattle toy and dissected it, stole its rattle, and used it for the giraffe. I thought myself clever for thinking of that.

And now, after only about a month longer of sitting on top of my bookshelf waiting for me to ship them off, they live with the exquisite boys. And by all accounts they are happy with one another. I am pleased.


Amara said...

Quite the crafty lady now aren't you? So cute!

Mike and Emily said...

The boys loooooooooovvvvvveeeee them!

belann said...

Very cute. What a clever idea. Grandma Hansen would be proud of you.