Isn't it Incredible!: A Conversation with Sam

[Scene: Driving down I-95, both of us running on 3-5 hours of (interrupted) sleep. We're holding hands; Baby's asleep in the backseat. Our tiredness is tipping into punchy, making us feel more in love instead of less. (It happens ... on occasion.) Sam's just gotten off the phone with the cable company.]

Sam: It's just seven dollars more a month! And we'll get HBO and a million other channels and ... [sensing I'm unimpressed] they'll send us a parakeet! And a piƱata! And ... a new car!

Deja: Yeah, but you always reach the point where you'd pay them seven dollars to take away those channels.

Sam: I know, isn't it incredible?! The wheel of life!

And then we both laughed hysterically.


belann said…
Bonding time. I love it.
I feel like driving is some of the best parent connecting time!

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