I'll Blink Again

Our bed is finally fixed. After a few failed attempts that made me cry and despair and blame Sam entirely (and unfairly), it's fixed. Even though Henrietta has been sick most of the week and Sam got sick this weekend, and I seem to be coming down with it too, last night we pulled the guts out of our four-poster, and dropped a metal bedframe inside (this one--which I can recommend), and it worked like gangbusters. The baby was crying in her crib most of time we worked, since it was clearly bedtime to everyone involved except for her, and there were screws and shards of wood scattered everywhere. Once we finally had it set up, I went and got her, and she clung to me gratefully, resting her head against my shoulder. She was in a little plain white onesie, since it's full-blown summer here now, and her nose was running. I set her down between us and we lay there on either side of the bed like lumps, while she crawled back and forth between us, ricocheting like a pinball. She was so exhausted that she had spilled over into hysterical, so she was laughing as she crawled, and all we had to do was poke her to get her to giggle. To her, to all of us, this was heaven: our little family, all of us spent but laughing, lying together on a bed. I think evenings like that were exactly what I envisioned when I longed for a family. Seems like I blinked in the middle of longing, and now here we are, piled together and in love. I'm sure I'll blink again and she'll be grown.


belann said…
Too true. One blink and my baby girl has a little family. Enjoy the moments.
I can't believe how quickly my kids are growing up. The time really does fly by, even with the long, sleepless nights.

Love the way you describe your life - being able to find the words for it is a gift.
Giuli said…
I was totally thinking of you while I was driving through Tucson on my way to ASU for classes. Sorry that I haven't responded to your past comment, I've been on the road with the family for three weeks now, and now grad school is starting. There are so many fabulous things about Tucson, mostly the culture and the food. Are you moved yet? You will probably have a bit of a shock when you behold the dry grasses and desert, but when it rains and it smells so sweet, Tucson will enchant you. Good luck to you and your wonderful family. One of the most fantastic things about being a mom is cuddling with my children in my bed and giggling, all of us with bed head and goofy grins. I will absolutely cry when my kids don't want to cuddle anymore, but I promise not to sneak in Max's house like the crazy mother in "I'll love you forever" and rock him. I'll just remember the good times. I have lots of pictures to look at.

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