My Cats, My Wheels

As I mentioned, my cats are far away in Utah. My parents report that they used to cry for me, sit and despair in my room. But now they're cool, comfortable as cucumbers. I wish I were thus.

Instead I'm looking over at Sam's kitty, who has his handsome head resting on his paws, and I'm sad that I can't just snuggle him. He, unlike my Meatsock, is not so much into snuggling me. Not that Meatsock REALLY is, either. But memories wax romantic when it comes to these cats. And at least Meatsock will curl up to (and/or playfully attack) my feet. When I stand up or move into a room that Tadzio's already in, he runs away, heads for the nearest table to hide under. Do you know that's like? To have this furry creature dash off at the first site of you? It's a bummer.

Aside from that glitch, and a violent but brief bout of vomiting over the weekend, all is well out here. I finally found a car--a 2006 Toyota Corolla. Red. Very cute, which was my main requirement. I think it's even cuter than this picture because, well, it's MINE. Man, was it a beast to find. And in the end, I did it on my own: found a good deal at a dealership, marched in there, didn't smile or giggle, told him my price, he told me a price a few hundred bucks more, I said okay, and the deal was sealed. Or mostly sealed. We have to finalize things tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be cruising around in my new wheels by tomorrow evening. It's been lame (for Sam, for me) to not have my own means of transportation. I plan on going SHOPPING for CLOTHES while listening to FIONA APPLE and singing really loud: all freedoms one can enjoy in ones own car. And poor Sam can go to BLOCKBUSTER, and listen to ZAPPA very LOUDLY and keep the air conditioning on really COLD. The man gets roasted out when I'm in the car. I understand better a comment my father made some time ago: "From now on, when your mom's in the car, I just have to drive naked." I mean, he didn't. But the point remains: we Earley women run a little on the cold side.
See? Look? Cute car, no? Tell me she's pretty. Tell me she's shiny. Tell me she'll make all my dreams come true.


Kathy said…
She's pretty. She's shiny. She'll make all your dreams come true!
Kira said…
I am still trying to get the metal picture out of my head of Dad naked.... when I work through it I will get onto your car :)

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