How to Drink a Cookie

In regards to my long-standing quest to not eat a cookie, I submit the following successful, harmless substitution:

I'm back to not eating sugar. I stopped eating treats of my own awhile ago, but I'd been having bites of Sam's sweet treats here and there, thinking bite-shmite, but I'm over that. Last night, at Cheesecake Factory, Sam got a slice of, well, cheesecake. And I took not a bite. Not. A. Bite. And you know? I didn't even want to. I could clearly remember the way it coats the mouth, how it churns in my stomach most uncomfortably, how my head hurts instantly from the sugar.

What have I had instead? Herb tea (like the sort above, or mint, which is my handsdown favorite) makes a remarkably excellent substitution for sweets; baked apples with cinammon and a little stevia; chocolate "milkshakes" made from almond milk, cacao powder, a bit of cashew butter, frozen banana, and stevia (Sam loves the milkshakes, too. They're goooood.), etc. No splenda. No sir. I'll do stevia, agave, date sugar, honey and maple syrup on occasion.

Oh! Oh! While we're talking food, my new favorite breakfast is as follows: oatmeal or steel cut oats cooked in the rice cooker with half almond milk/half water, a cut-up apple, a load of cinammon, and a touch of stevia. The apple gets all cooked and lovely. I top it with some almond butter for protein. If there's some left over, I put the rice cooker in the fridge and eat it cold as a snack when I come home from work. And, it's good. Oh it's good.


eden said…
i like food.

i like *good* food.

i also need to often remind myself that something i think tastes good right now often has negative side effects. it's no bueno.

i love healthy food. it makes me happy inside.
eden said…
ps - i don't, however, like herbal tea. i tried it again recently to see if my tastes in that area had "grown up." nope, turns out i still have juvenile taste buds in that area.

but i'm glad you enjoy it!
Lynn said…
Have you tried good earth original herb tea? They call it sweet & spicy. That it is. It is caffeine free, sugar free and very heavy on the cinnamon.
This is the only herb tea that I like. It is really good as iced tea. It really cures the sweet craving. I never add anything else because to me it is sweet enough.
Deja said…
That sounds great, Lynn! Good idea.
Terry Earley said…
yeah almond milk! You and I are the only ones who truly appreciate it.

Good idea to add almond butter to the mush. Maybe I can steal some of your Mom's when she is not looking.
Tia and Amara said…
MMMM. Sounds like a HEAB breakfast. Can't beat oats for satisfaction of the tummy. Have you tried the oat bran yet? Or the melted banana trick? I've put a bunch of different dried fruit (raisins, cherries, blueberries, mango) together in the food processor and chopped it up fine, then throw it in the freezer. When I'm going to cook my oats, I break off a tablespoonful or two and boil it with the cereal. Yum.
belann said…
I think I will try the oatmeal stuff tomorrow. Sounds good.

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