Christmas + a Tiny Peek at Our New Place

Merry Christmas!  This is the first time we've ever decorated our house for Christmas.  Sam's mom sent us ornaments that Sam's received every year since he was a baby, and it was cool to see him remember them and be excited.  I don't think of him as the type to get terribly excited about things like Christmas, but, well, he was terribly excited.

So were the kitties.  As soon as we set up the Chirstmas tree, they assumed positions beneath it, which is precisely where kitties belong.  When I was a wee lass, we had a kitty named Smokey who was always beneath the tree at Chirstmas time, swatting at bird ornaments.  (If you look closely in the top picture, you can see little Sprout to the right of Meatsock under the tree.)

And here she is up close. 

And the tree in its glory.
And my favorite ornament.

Sam's mother also sent us a gorgeous nativity that Sam's great grandmother made.  It's so beautiful, so so beautiful, and big, so we couldn't find a surface that would fit it all together.  We settled on a tiered approach.  Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and animals; shephards and sheep; wise men and camels. 
A close up of the Holy Family.  (Although, I just realized that animal should be paying attention, maybe.  Oh well.  Maybe he was overcome by emotion?)

More pictures of  the house to come soon ...  Hope you have the merriest Christmas.  Hope it's as lovely as you dream.


belann said…
So glad to see the tree. It looked like the perfect location. The kitties seemed to think so too. It's good to see you settling in...
Amara said…
Yeah -what Mom said. But now leave and come to see me! :) Love you -and your tree and nativity are beautiful. Someday maybe I'll get a nice nativity. This year we're using the one we made out of corn husks last year. I think I have a link...
Bryson and Tara said…
Beautiful tree and decor. I love that nativity, and how cool that it was made by one of Sam's ancestors. That is just so neat!
Christopher B said…
Can't wait to see pics of the new place! Does my heart good to see pics of your Eastern life.
Meeshab said…
Oh I forgot I did see this. It's beautiful!! Yes, kitties belong under the tree. shhhhhhhh, your sleeping upstairs at my house right now :)

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