Mexico 4: Because Now It's Cold Out

this is honestly my idea of a vacation: you go to a beach. you sit on the beach.  you read a book.  that's it.  that's all i need. 

in mexico, in addition to that, we had the perks of comfortable chairs and sun umbrellas and people bringing us fresh limondas and "coca lights."  we had big plans to go parasailing this day, but once we realized we'd have to actually stand up, we opted to stay put and read some more.

                                                 [cool. dude.]
after awhile we ordered lunch: tiritas, followed by garlic shrimp, fresh guacamole, fresh salsa, beans, cheese, lots and lots of lime wedges, and more limonda. 

                  [i'm not generally a sunglass wearer, but i think these ones are okay.  are they okay?]
[there's no one i'd rather read books with on the beach. or anywhere for that matter.]


kathy w. said…
Yes, they are most definitely okay.
Elise said…
Sunglasses, darling. I'm with you on the vacation. When we went to Hawaii that's all I did too. Well, and a little snorkeling. A very little.
Amara said…
The sunglasses are OK. Don't worry. Seriously? That's how I calm down anywhere, anytime: "I'm on a beach reading". It's how I got through labor, it's how I get through a lot of things. People talk about going to your "happy place"? Now you know where to find me when I'm at mine.
My professional opinion: I like your sunglasses! Are they prescription?
Emily said…
Sunglasses are great, esp with that hat. Your vacation sounds like bliss.
Emily said…
P.S. I saw your doppleganger today. She was wearing flannel pajama pants and walking a pug.
Kira said…
What is a trinata? You look cute with or without the glasses :)
belann said…
I'm with Amara and you. On the beach reading is truly my happy place. Glad you have nice memories.
Clayton Jensen said…
I am unbelievably jealous of your amazing vacation. I have been wanting to go back to Mexico for years. Hopefully someday we'll get there.
Meeshab said…
I love love love your photos. It all looks so amazing!

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