Easter Walk

On Sunday we had the best weather of the year.  Sure, it rained, but it was also 77 degrees and mostly quite sunny, so we did the only logical thing: we took a walk along the Charles River. 

                                [i didn't get a good pic of sam. he'll thank me for not posting a not-good one.]

[boats. we have big plans to ride one of these boats very soon.]

I love spring here.  I wish it would feel more springy and less wintery already, but the trees are blooming, and I'm remembering how obsessed I get with them.  When I'm walking downtown, I have to be careful not to run into buildings or cross streets without looking both ways, because all I want to do is look and look at these incredible trees.  I love how dark the bark looks, and how green the green looks--like the freshest thing in the whole world.  I wish I had a springtime dress that was just that color: that vibrant green.
[this is the green i mean. wouldn't it make a lovely dress?  especially if i could capture that feathery texture, too.]


Amara said…
I know what you mean with the dress. I went to Moab hiking with some friends, and I kept wanting to find a way to wear the desert --or make it part of my house. Do you think if I got some really big cranes and helicopters I could cut big pieces out and take them home to live in? maybe we could weave skirts out of those willow fronds. Jeez --I guess that's where hippies came from.
belann said…
Loved our walk along the Charles--so pretty. Looks prettier now than in the fall. Glad you got a chance to enjoy.
Terry Earley said…
The Charles looks much nicer in the Spring. Hope we can see it green too.

We had to walk in parkas again today. Summer, please show up soon!!
Bryson and Tara said…
Beautiful pictures. Boston looks gorgeous!
Fritzi Marie said…
Pretty Deja,

What a beautiful walk. You look fabulous. I heard that AWP will be in Boston in 2 years. Maybe we will get to meet up for a tea party.

love love,
Terry Earley said…
Nice to be outside when Spring finally arrives. Congrats. I heard that you since rowed the boat. Cool.

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