Sam and His Business Associate

Sam went to school one day and came back with a card for me featuring this image.  He says it's a publicity photo.  Apparently the guys at the mall photo booth took him completely seriously, which makes me laugh all the more.

Being married to Sam? Not a bad deal at all.


Kira said…
I have to say when Keaton saw this on Facebook he all the sudden had a whole new respect for Uncle Sam. He is thinking he has an in now :)
eden said…
that's awesome. i must say i contemplated doing the same thing when i was at the mall last week with my mom. but i didn't. i'm glad sam did.
I just almost passed out laughing. I like that Sam of yours a lot.
Annie said…
May be the single best picture I've ever seen.
Terry Earley said…
The bunny looks entirely convinced of Sam's seriousness. ...if he only knew.
belann said…
Still giggling.

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