Simple Meal: Fish Tacos

Sam and I bring home fresh flounder, a small head of green cabbage, fresh salsa, a perfect avocado, red red tomatoes.

While he sautes the fish, I cut up the veggies on a bamboo cutting board.  I like the way they look once I've cut them--little piles of color--the red of the tomato, deep green of the avocado, light green of the shaved cabbage, black of the olives, the whites of a few hearts of palm and of diced, sweet vidalia onions.

I mix a little mayo with the salsa, which sounds disturbing, but is actually the loveliest fish taco sauce.  Sam has me squeeze a lime on the fish, since his hands are covered in fish juice.  He inadvertently squeezes a paper towel full of fish juice onto the floor and there is some panic about our house smelling like that forever. He adds a bit of chili powder and sea salt.  I heat the corn tortillas in a little pan, spraying pam first, and adding salt as it heats.

I fill my tacos so full I can't begin to close them, planning to eat what spills with a fork.  We sit in the living room, since it's slightly cooler there, and we exclaim profusely about how good these taste.  Or I do at least, though Sam is not unpleased.  Fish tacos are a childhood meal for me; I have memories of waiting at a roadside taco stand with all six kids and both my parents, all of us eagerly waiting for our turn to have another.

Sam and I finish the meal with an ear of corn, so rich on its own that we add nothing to it. 

Do tell: what simple meals have you enjoyed lately?


Annie said…
Half a box of runny mac n' cheese. I did not exclaim how good it tasted once during the three minutes it took to finish it.

I want fish tacos.
belann said…
Sounds yummy, haven't had them in a while. As you know, most of our meals are simple.
Amara said…
Broccoli salad. I was always grossed out looking at it in buffets until I tried it. I finally made it this week (a little lighter than normal I suppose) and yum! Yesterday for lunch I had a cup of navy beans left over in the fridge, and I put Jack's salsa (Costco)and a couple T. guacamole on them and loooooved it.

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