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Two bits of my writing to check out today.

I have a post up on Feminist Mormon Housewives on the tricky business of deciding my last name. (That second link will give you my post.) I'd love to have you check it out and weigh in on your own decision and how you feel about it. There's a hoppin' discussion going on over there!

Also, I'm a finalist in the Mormon Artist Blog's Mormon Lit Blitz contest, and today it's my poem's turn to be up. (Again, second link will give you my post.) Soon there will be a chance to vote for your favorites and I hope you'll throw your hat in on my behalf, but for now it's just reading time. You should also check out the other pieces. They're a great snapshot of contemporary Mormon lit, which is a vibrant little world. I'm particularly fond of the piece for Day One--Marilyn Neilson's poem, "In Bulk."


Emily said…
wow. reading some of those comments over on FMH makes me dizzy. I can see why some people object to taking your husband's name. (I never thought about the idea that only men "own" last names, traditionally) but what a headache! I guess for me i took the easy way out. and i never had a career to worry about. and that is a much bigger issue in my life than what my last name is. your post is great!
Amara said…
I'd leave my comment on the other site, but I'm afraid it will be lost. I was all for changing my name on being married. For one thing, although I deeply respect my father and his ancestors, I really wanted a fresh start with my identity. I was becoming a new person by becoming married to someone, and although I had quite a few nightmares about it in the first year, I'm always up for a fresh start. When you look into family history, it's sure a lot easier to find people using either their maiden name or husband's name. With the assumption of the husband's name you can tell, well, that they got married. On the church records however, you really always stay with your maiden name, which was kind of a comfort to me. Although I plan on being married a lot longer than I was single, it's nice to know the first me is in there somewhere.

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