We Three (Four) Quilts

I have a slight obsession going with modern-looking quilts. (Don't believe me? Check out my Pinterest Board. And follow me, why don't you?) When I saw a gorgeous zig-zag quilt last November, the wheels starting turning, and suddenly I had committed myself to making three of them for Sam's family for Christmas. One for his mother, one for his aunt, and one for our sister-in-law. And hey, why not another one for our little niece, thought me.

Let me tell you, making four quilts in a month is not easy. I'm not really sure what I was thinking. I think I was looking for some distraction, but I got a bit more than I bargained for. I was working on them after Sam went to bed, in the mornings before I went to work. I found myself trying to sneak a few seams in while I waited for water to boil, while I waited for Sam to put his shoes on, before I dashed out the door for this and that. And still, closing in on our departure date, I was far from done and discouraged. Luckily, my friend Em is kind and generous with her time and quilting prowess, and she came over and helped me finish them up. She's a saint, is what she is.

So here they are, in all their glory. I have a sweet memory of Sam's mom wrapping hers around her shoulders like a cape and twirling in front of the fireplace Christmas morning. And when we visited his aunt later in the week, she had hers all spread out on her bed, claiming the colors matched the art in her bedroom perfectly. They're lovely people. I hope the quilts keep them warm and convinced of our long-distance love.

[we three quilts]

[a shot of just one. all three were a variation on these colors.]

[a glimpse at the soft creamy underbelly.]

[the three of them, all ready to rock and roll. i almost thought they were more beautiful like this ...]

[bonus quilt! a riotously pink and purple number.]

[the soft pink underbelly.]

P.S. What do you think of the new look? The lovely Russanne helped me figure it out. Her blog is really fun, by the way.


Russanne said…
I have seen a lot of quilts in my day, and I can honestly say these zig zag beauties rank in my top three favorites. SO beautiful. You and Em inspire me.
ginger said…
Awesome blossom. I'm in the middle of my second quilt...hopefully it comes out better than my first which was crappity-crap.
Genevieve Beck said…
Just beautiful! They all look like they took a lot of work and dedication, but the combination of colors on the one for your niece just make me happy!
kathy w. said…
Oh, wow. Those are amazing.

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