A Monster for Baby

The only way I'm staying sane lately is to make objects for baby. At night when I can't sleep, I imagine her nursery in great detail, and then I send Sam to the fabric store (what a hero, no?) and in the evenings, after I've worked from home, I turn on Netflixed sitcoms and make whatever has struck my fancy.

One morning I woke up with the idea to make the baby a stuffed monster. Sam and I dig those Ugly Dolls. You know the ones? (I think you either get them and love them or you don't ... we love them.) And we've talked about getting her one. But it occurred to me I'd like to make her one, and this was the result. Sam loves the monster, and was soon very excited about her photo shoot. He wanted a picture of her everywhere, as you'll see. (She was loosely inspired by these monsters, which I found whilst Pinteresting, of course.)

Her mouth, eye, and hair are all felt. Her legs are orange on the back and yellow on the front. I hand-sewed the whole thing, since I couldn't sit up at the sewing machine. 

Her she is posing with baby's Emily Dickinson doll. They make a good pair, no?

And here she is perched on the door to our living room. Menacing beast.

And here she is on the top of the doors to our living room, featured with the cat we got in Mexico and the crucifix that (I think) belonged to Sam's grandfather. 


Russanne said…
I love that monster! She makes me want to watch Monsters Inc while making her some more monster friends.
Lizzie Jones said…
Love this. Also love love love the Emily Dickenson doll. You surely are giving this little girl a great start... she'll be brilliant like both of her parents. I am so excited to see her little face on this blog. Love you, Dej.
belann said…
Glad to see a more detailed photo of the monster. Baby will love it for sure.
I'm totally in LOVE with the monster, and love what a natural s/he is as a model. SO luscious!!!

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