Golden Snails for Baby

Sometime back I realized that those weird shelves of trashy knick-knacks in thrift stores are actually a gold mine if you have the right eyes. Almost any of the tacky little ceramic figurines you find there can be beautiful, given a little love and a coat of spray paint.

I found these three little snails awhile ago, and fell for them. They were a dollar a piece. And I knew they were meant for baby. I took them home, and eventually got around to getting a can of gold spray paint, and one evening, after a long day of bed resting, I took a very brief excursion out back to the parking lot behind our place so I could oversee the painting of the snails. I remain deeply in love with them. Someday, when this kid's nursery actually comes together, they will be a sweet addition to that space.


Lisa H. said…
i am in love with those snails
belann said…
They are lovely. Hope baby doesn't use them for a chew toy :)
Stephanie said…
I love taking ugly thrift store stuff and making it beautiful with just a layer of paint. Nice find with the snails.
Kate said…
I love these! I will now be on the hunt for something like this for Soren's room.

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