This much is true: I'm terrible at dishwasher organization.

[Conversation over dinner at a Mexican joint.]

Deja: Do you think I expect too much of myself?

Sam: [without hesitation] Yes.

Deja: Oh.

Sam: What are you, thirty now?

Deja: Yeah.

Sam: You probably have to start making some decisions.

Deja: What do you mean?

Sam: Well, like. There are all these different things you wanna do, and you can't do all of them as well as you'd like to. I'm sure you can do any of them well, but you can't do all of them well at once. You'll have to pick a few.

Deja: [chip, salsa, mouth]

Sam: You wanna do your blog; you wanna be really involved in church; you want to freelance edit; you want to be the perfect housewife. And you'll never be able to perfect your writing and your dishwasher organization at once.

Deja: [Looks at Sam, sadly.]

Sam: So you just need to really focus on that dishwasher.

Deja: [Wads napkin, throws it at Sam's head.]


Amara said…
Priorities! Our husbands both need to hold us down and pound us in the head until we can let some things slide without feeling bad. BTW, stole one of your posts for a "spiritual thought" in a meeting today and everybody cried. I hope you aren't mad. Gave you credit of course.
belann said…
Drove your dad crazy with this for years. Never did become a priority. Genetic?
faith said…
I am so with Sam on this one. Once you get that dishwasher down, it is smooth sailing! Trust me, I know.

What's funny is that I actually pride myself on how many dishes I can fit in while making them all accessible to the water flow. Yes, I know I need to get over myself.
Deja said…
Which one, Amara? Glad to be useful!

Mom, good thing you passed down good stuff to me as well. Otherwise, you'd be fired.

Faith: you should write a tutorial! I really am so terrible at it.
Spencer G said…
I have such a man rush on Sam. He'd probably despise me for it, but I don't care/can't help it.
Elise said…
Lol spencer. This is a familiar conversation. Wish I could just be content with being one or two things instead of all of them.

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