Alpaca Show

Sam was out in Utah with me for a few days, and, while looking for things to do, we came across the national Alpaca show. How could we not attend?

There were hundreds of Alpacas, looking like unicorns, hippies, fraggles, snow owls from space, wookies, hairy hillbillies, poodles with problems, q-tips, you get the idea. You'll have to pardon so many pictures. They delight me.

P.S. In the second one of Sam and me, we're wearing the Alpaca-fur duds he bought for us: winter hat and pretty shawl object. My kitties are suspicious of them (because they smell like another furry creature, I suspect), but I like.


Kira said…
I really like the shawl, can I borrow? So do they do that every year in Sandy?
Genevieve Beck said…
You may already know about this, but as soon as I saw that this was available, I thought of your blog! Utah Valley Llamas lets you lease a llama for up to 24 hours. You can take it hiking with you or it could just hang out in your backyard to play with. I hear it's about $30 for the day. They may not be as well groomed as the llamas at the show, but you never know. :)

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