I was on today, dreaming of how I will furnish my apartment when I move to Boston. I fell in love with the bed you see above. Truth be told, I don't even know if I like the bed that much. I'm probably more into the style of the bed below; that one looks like the bed of a modern woman.
But that's the secret: I don't want to be a modern woman. I want to be a princess. I want to be six-years-old. I like the thought of froofy billowing fabric draped from the top of the four-poster. When I was in the midst of going back and forth between the two beds, my dad came to tell me that my cat, Sprout (whom you see below), had jumped on the roof. He said she had barely made it up in the first place: jumped from the porch railing, caught the corner of the rain gutter and had to claw the rest of way with her front paws. When i came out she was looking over the edge, terrified. My dad got a ladder and I climbed it, tugged her off. I thought she would claw my face off, but she just clung tight to my shoulder. The pads of her paws were cold. She let me carry her around the house for awhile. I told her she was brave.


Kira said…
Brave? I was thinking dumb :)
Kira said…
Oh, and I like the second bed. I think you would get sick of the first one. The second one is a classic style.
Amara said…
I say you get the bed you want. Worse comes to worse and you hate it in ten years, you chop the top off. It probably comes off anyway. What do you think your cat was doing? It seems like they all do that. Just climb up to see how high they can go. Or maybe there was a bird up there. Glad you finally came home. Glad you finally posted again.
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I'm feeling like your cat today. We're making big changes (looking for new jobs, new houses, moving, being someone's mom, doing crazy adult callings, etc). It all keeps me occupied. But I'm having a slow moment, holding my sweetly sleeping babe, reading blogs of friends, and my brain is going, "whoah! how did I get here?" And for the moment I'm feeling like your little frightened kitty, clinging to the edge and I wish I could have someone pick me up and carry me around for a little while. Right now I don't feel so brave.
But, hazel will wake up in a few minutes and I'll move on, cause life will too. And there is so much to get done and good things to do.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling. Thanks for being a sounding board and for the lovely posts and blog! hope you are doing well!
much love-d

PS-I think you should try jumping on the beds and then decide which to get. Bed jumping is very important. (:

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