Friday, May 30, 2008

Tap Dancing Mama

I got these pretty red shoes yesterday at Ross for ten bucks. Yes, I said ten bucks. They're the red shoes of my soul.

I fashion-showed the red shoes and my other loot for my mother while she was propped in bed, watching the news with my dad. Later, when she came out to get some vitamins before going to bed, she stopped in my room, tried on the red shoes, and ended up doing a tap dance for me on my hardwood floor.

I told myself as I watched, as she danced: I must remember this. My reserved, wonderful mama, in her nightgown, dancing in my red high heels.


Amara said...

They are so summery. You know, like summer. I wasn't expecting that. Don't you have red boots too? A red pair for all seasons.

Kira said...

I love our mama, she is one of a kind.
(I love the shoes too :)

Heather & Matt Fisher said...

you are such a great writer. If I print out your blog, will you autograph it?

Dane, Delyse, and Hazel Lynn said...

those are hot! love ya. love reading your blog too!