Monday, September 29, 2008

Bow Wow Wow

Don't worry. They make shoes for puppies. I had no idea.

They even make little sneakers that light up.

And houndstooth booties.

And ducky slippers.

It's gotta be really weird being a dog owner.

I won't even mention the halloween costumes. Oh, to be a hot dog.

This has made my day.


kathy said...

Oh my goodness. Not only does it amaze me that someone would make these; I'm also blown away that they assume someone will also buy them. Amazing.

Kira said...

Keaton was quite pleased with the light up sneakers.... he thinks all the cool kids have them (yes he has a quite ugly pair of Spiderman ones himself).

Bryson & Tara said...

So good to hear from you!!! How's married life? How's Boston? Yes, Bryson is super jealous, because of the Red Sox thing...we really might take you up on that offer.

Anyway, we're doing great here. I'm feeling over the sickness, so that's very happy news. Bry graduates in December, so he's going through the job search right now...