i just got home from my first trip ever to the emergency room. wahoooo. urinary tract infection. suspected i had one, should have taken it more seriously, but it wasn't really bugging so i thought i had just imagined it. spread up to my kidneys. horrible pain and nausea. sam took me in. i threw up goo into a pink retangular bucket while shivering because it was FREEZING in that place. during that special shivery/vomity mode, sam looked at me with the most beautifully kind, concerned face i have ever seen on a human being.

the nice people brought me magic heated blankets, hooked me up to an iv with pain meds, anti-nausea stuff, antibiotics. then sent me home.

in other news, they said i'm NOT prego. we were actually a bit worried, so this was a relief for both of us. married for one month and three days equals not ready for babies. i told sam he looked like the very proud father of nothing.

also in other news, sam took me on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday, which was so much more jolly than the trip to the er. stay tuned for pictures. lots and lots of pictures.

come to think of it, i don't know if it was actually more jolly. i mean, it was more peaceful, more fun, more celebratory, and more, well, elevated. but sam is particularly smooth in a crisis--charming, keeps me laughing. and by the time the pain meds kicked in, i was a pretty jolly gal myself. i was cracking myself up: when sam said he thought the blankets were just for patients, i said, "well, i think you have a lot of patience." get it? if i hadn't have been hooked to an iv, i would have been rolling for that one. and that's just the one that made sense.

so, jolly enough time. i just really really wish we weren't two days from our new jobs and new insurance. that's gonna hurt.

and now i'm going to sleep.


Brad and Erica said…
Sorry about the urinary tract infection. Sounds rough! When Brad and I had only been married a few months I had to take Brad to the ER because he had kidney stones. I don't know that I was as sweet to Brad as Sam was to you. On a better note, the hot air balloon ride sounds amazing! I can't wait to see pictures. Mostly I decided I should write you a comment to let you know that I read your blog and I love it. I didn't want to be an anonymous blog stalker. - Erica
Genevieve Beck said…
Wow! Sounds like an experience and a half. I think every couple needs to go through the emergency room experience at least once (and quite frankly I think most get a little more). Hope you're feeling much better and good luck this week!
eden said…
dej, that stinks, but i hope things are better now. and yay for flying through the air!
Kira said…
I wish you were prego with me :) That would at least make the 1K trip to the ER good for me :) My little guy needs a cousin. Can't you help?!?
P.S. I am now ready to tell you your car is amazingly cute and sassy.

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