Do-DO-do-DOooo. (Like, you know, twilight zone sound.)

In church today, sacrament meeting.

Little girl: very bald, odd-looking, wearing all white, maybe 10/11 months old. She's sitting on her dad's lap just down the row from me, and I'm kind of watching her, wondering why she looks so weird.

She crawls off her dad's lap, comes and toddles over to stand in front of me, looks right at me, and says, "Day. Ja."

Okay. What's with the creepy baby saying my name? It's not like she was babbling. That was all she had to say. Then she toddled back over to sit with her dad.

I can think of only two possibilities: 1. Her parents are teaching her French. or 2. She met my babies in heaven and they told her to say hi when she got here.

What else am I to think?


Amara said…
oo ee ee oo (you know like the creepy music sound). Weird weird weird. I always have said though that babies are missionaries to help people have more babies. That's their job.
eden said…
dej, that's hilarious. i started laughing when i was reading it and had to read it to my roommate so she didn't think i was a freak for laughing at my computer.

sorry the baby weirded you out. umm... yeah, that's all.
kathy said…
Holy weird. I wanted to crack up , but I had to restrain myself in the very quiet computer lab.
Annie & Roo said…
Deja! I totally blog stalk you too! But I never have any interesting or clever comments.
I'm glad things are good with you and Sam (who sounds like the nicest guy ever.)

This is an eerie story. I hope the child didn't have the sign of the devil on her forehead or that would be even creepier.

See ya!
Kira said…
I am with Amara. Lee was not into having kids right after we got married. Then we went to Amaras Messiah thing and this little baby boy coo'd at him the whole time. After that he was interested. Little missionaries, sorry it is down hill from here.

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