It's the Alpaca Lips!

Sam just shouted, "Ahhh!! It's the apocalypse!"
I don't know why. He does stuff like this when we're out of cat food or when he addresses a submission wrong or when he can't find his keys. It keeps life interesting.

Anyway, I heard it was the alpacalips. So here's an alpaca. And it's lips. Take cover.


Amara said…
I was hoping for a picture of a new lipstick shade. Oh, well.
kathy said…
Love it. I always mis-hear people and then get teased for it.
belann said…
I recognize those lips from the alpaca show. Have you had a chance to wear the alpaca duds Sam got you yet? I'll bet Boston is cold enough.
Spencer G said…
I like that Sam does that. I may copy him. And as for the alpacalips... I love misheard things and think it is so blog-worthy since, had I blogged about it at one time, I would would remember my mishears.

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