Personal Ad

I've had this raging cold for several weeks now, and my mom suggested, as a joke, that I might be allergic to cats. We have three, you know.

So I asked Sam, "What would you do if it turned out I was allergic to kitties?"

The man said, "We'd just take out a personal ad: 'Well-behaved Mormon Female to good home. Friendly disposition. Toilet trained. Likes pillows and cupcakes.'"

He likes the cats.

Anyway, no more school. Big sigh.

We're under the Tucson sun, visiting Sam's family. Went shopping with his mama, had a fancy dinner with the whole crew. The first grandbaby is about to make its debut in the world. Any hour now. We watched Emily's belly at dinner, saw the little feet kick it out.

Back in Boston it's 16 degrees. My school campus is closed because of the millions of feet of snow on the ground. And we are here in shirtsleeves. The sky is very big.


Amara said…
Well come over and I'll make you some cupcakes. or pillows. No cats. Jeff just went to the Dr. yesterday with ANOTHER sinus infection, and he was hoping the prescription would be to just move someplace warm (I said he'd feel like a wanny if that were the case, and he said he'd gladly BE a wanny if he could move to Florida). He just got antibiotics.
Kira said…
So is the cold gone now you are on vacation from the quarter dozen cats? I was quite impressed that amongst Mom's grandchildren ornaments on her tree were 3 grandkitty ornaments....shouldn't I have an ultrasound pic on there?
I'll take you darling...I'd much rather have you than the kitties :) I am not a kitty person, but I am a Deja person, what luck! Also, just wanted you to know that I laughed myself silly at your Thanksgiving post. It was a gem. Love you dear.
belann said…
At least with Sam you can laugh--even with a terrible cold. I'm sure he wouldn't get rid of you, just put you out on the porch away from the kitties.

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