It's Bad, Folks.

Driving home from work. Another really rough day. And yes, yes I was weeping.

I adjusted my rearview mirror, and thought, "Self, it seems like we adjust this mirror a lot."

I figured it out: I do adjust that mirror a lot. When I drive home from work, I'm so physically/emotionally drained that I slump in my seat. I slump so deep that I have to adjust the mirror down to see out the back window. In the morning I adjust it back up. Rinse and repeat.

That's bad, is it not?

But the husband made chili for me (nice meal when it's EIGHT degrees outside.) and patted my hand and held me while I wept in our kitchen, my feet feeling icy on our cold tile floor.


Amara said…
It makes me sad that you have a category "sad" . Looking forward to lots of sister time/jogs/walks.
Annie & Roo said…
That reminds me of about the first three months of my current job. I would go home feeling like a total moron and cry so hard--almost every day. I am so so sorry, but I am glad you have an excellent chili making husband and that you don't have to live 24 hours a day at work.
Kira said…
I know about cold tile floors and slumping. I am hoping the holidays bring us a much needed relief. I am glad you have warm soup that you didn't have to make.
kathy said…
I got embarrassed that I cried to Christopher so often. I made a goal (without telling him) to not cry for a week; after five days had passed without a tear, he asked me what was wrong.

I'm sorry you're sad, but I'm glad you cried about it. It's a good way to get things out.
Anonymous said…
Maybe it is the whole thing about you are taller in the morning because your spine has had time to stretch out, and when you drive you home you are shorter.
belann said…
And again she said,"the first year of teaching is all about survival."

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