Babies, Babies, Everywhere

Here is Isadora, the first grandchild on Sam's side. We attended her lovely, moving, outdoor blessing over the weekend. She's exquisite.

Here she is in her heirloom blessing/baptism dress, sticking out her cute tongue.

And here she is listening to a violin:

With her pretty mama:

And here is Sam trying to have a conversation with her. I think this was right before he told her she had bad breath and made everyone at the table fall into stunned silence. His defense, "I didn't think she spoke English." Uhhhhh. We're still working on understanding babies and how to interact with them.

Here is another baby. My sister Kira's. I met Savannah when I was in Utah. We took a nap in a recliner, Savannah scrunched up on my chest, her breathing soft and sweet. As my friend Eden said, There is no better way to sleep. Anyway, here she is with my brother, Garret. (It's Garret's birthday today, yippee!)

Here is Savannah in her blessing dress with my mama. I wish I had better pictures, mostly because she has really gorgeous professional ones. But we have what we have.

And here she is, sleeping and pretty.

And another baby. This is my sister Meesha's. Brinlee's the name. I haven't met her, which is a crying shame. Here she is with her brother, Seth.

And as a ballerina.

Are they not wonderful? I wish they all lived next door.


Amara said…
I thought you were in Europe? Are these pictures of your niece from before?
Kira said…
I would have to say that little savannah is the cutest :) (says the Mom). Come move next door, Sam can even say she is stinky.
Sam Ruddick said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
belann said…
All the babies are beautiful. I would love to meet little Isadora. She looks like she will have a sense of humor like Sam.
eden said…
they are definitely wonderful! i had some more sleep / cuddle time with my nephew yesterday. so nice. so peaceful. i love it!

and i love all the updates and stories, and i'm still so jealous of your trip to europe!

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