Ruddick Menfolk

This shot (of Sam and his brother Josh) reminds me of the one I took of Sam and his Dad at the beach. Remember that one? Perhaps someday I'll have occasion to snap one of all three of them at once.

The gentlemen, front-ways.

And a few of Sam solo, because I think he's handsome.

Listening to a violin:

Here he's standing in the doorway of the Smith barn in Palmyra, looking out at the Sacred Grove. This particular way of standing is so Sam. Hip out, weight on one foot, head tipped. On one of our first dates, when I suspected I would love him, I watched him standing like that in the parking lot. Okay, I'll be honest. I was suspicious of it. I remember thinking, "Can I love a man who stands like that?" Yes, yes I can. Now it warms the heart. Do you have anything like that with people you adore? Specific human stamps that you're suspicious of at first, but end up embodying that person?


belann said…
Didn't particularly notice the way Sam stands, but we have grown to love him too.
Amara said…
Yeah, Jeff's laugh. One of his best things now.
Kira said…
Lee stands that way 'cause one of his legs is an inch shorter...charming? not sure....

I do love his "hick talk" though:)

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