Ah! Bright Wings.

(title comes from Hopkins' poem "God's Grandeur")

Morning walk, things I loved:

*elegant New England houses
*remembering what a "pediment" was on said houses
*passing through the smell of fabric softener coming from silver vents
*mossy tree trunks and mossy stone walls (a minor but lovely side effect of the flooding rains)
*few (but gorgeous) blossoms on the trees; millions of tiny green buds that promise blossoms
*sitting on a bench to pray, feeling the world reduce down to my prayer, birdsong, and a breeze that seemed to split at my nose and travel deliberately over both my ears, like a whisper


Tia and Amara said…
Yay I'm the first! Beautiful imagery as always. I wish we had moss here. It's always so DRY everywhere. At least our crackers don't go stale? Somehow that doesn't comfort me much.
belann said…
I had to look up pediment. Does the apartment you live in have a pediment? So glad you could be outside to experience it all.

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