Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Marathon

[pretty day for running]

Sam and I had today off work/teaching for Patriot's Day, a handy MA holiday that coincides with the Boston marathon. We decided to take the train and see a movie, and when we reached the train stop, low and behold, runners. Runners and runners and more runners, and a crowd lining the streets cheering them on. For some reason, I found this incredibly moving. I thought I would weep, right there. So many people doing this really hard thing, so many other people there to say bravo. It was just beautiful. I took my camara, so you could see:

[church, runners]

[can you see how many there are? crossing the street was like playing frogger.]

[sam + book (he wasn't feeling picture-y)]

[a few blocks from our place, 2 miles from the finish line]

[train coming]

[dapper, no?]


Reba said...

lovely. I especially love the one where he's hiding behind his book.

eden said...

how wonderful! i would - first, love to run in the boston marathon (however, my time will never be what it needs to be - this year, I would have had to run a marathon in almost half the time i ran last year... not going to happen), so second, i would love to see the boston marathon. i would actually love to be a volunteer for it. i volunteered for provo's small-time 5k and 10k last year on the 4th and LOVED it. i love cheering people on.

sorry for the super-long quote. i just love that you loved watching it. i'll be running a half this saturday if you want to come out and watch me... (:

Tia and Amara said...

Eden --are you doing Thanksgiving point? I'm doing that on Saturday! Deja I was thinking about you yesterday when I read a blogger say it was Boston marathon day. She says the same thing --that she goes every year to watch and it makes her cry. Those people really have to go fast to even qualify to enter. That kind of dedication always touches me. Frogger. Perfect.

eden said...

i *am* doing thanksgiving point! i'll have to look for you there. don't know how big it's going to be though... (: i was signed up for the full marathon this last saturday, but school become a little too crazy and i just the thought of spending all that time not doing school stuff kinda scared me. so i signed up for this half. i'm excited about the tulip festival part. it should be beautiful. and i'll be walking most of it. i'm haven't trained at all really (the main reason i had to back out of the marathon), but i want to get out there and do something! (:

k. double-u. said...

Very cool. The comments here make me feel like a slacker: all these people running and watching runners. I only take a walk to and from my mailbox every day.

belann said...

I think I like seeing the lovely pictures more than I would like being in the crowd. Thanks for getting me closer than I would ever get.

Whole Foods Vegan Momma said...

There is something moving about that sort of masochistic dedication. I watched my brothers finish a half-marathon a few weekends back and having run a half-marathon myself (though, note, not a MARATHON), I am here to say it takes a special sort of pain-loving, determined individual to stick to any sort of grueling, extremely time-regimented program that would get them to qualify for such a race as the Boston. So yes, I can see how it would moving to see such individuals.

And just in case you're wondering, no I will not be running any marathons anytime soon. In fact, unless something in my brain dramatically alters my opinions of such activities (midlife crisis perhaps), I hope to never engage in a half-marathon ever again, let alone a marathon. But bravo, bravo, for those people who do.

Love the pics of Sam. Such a character.

eden said...

i'll admit - sometimes i enter a post on my blog so that i see myself move to the top of my friends' blog lists.

like just now. (:

i wonder how long it will last...